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<title>Travels with Margaret Sanger</title>
<editor>Cathy Moran Hajo</editor>
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<edition>First edition.</edition>
<authority>Margaret Sanger Papers Project</authority>
<pubPlace>Department of History, New York University, 53 Washington Square South,
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<ab><title>1935-1936 Travel Journal</title>.</ab>
<bibl type="microfilmed"><publisher>Library of Congress</publisher>, <title>Margaret
Sanger Papers Microfilm</title> Reel 1:146-149.</bibl>
<bibl type="archival">Margaret Sanger Papers, Library of Congress, Manuscripts
<p>Encoded entries of Margaret Sanger's travel journals, identifying people, places,
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<creation><date when="1935-11-01">Nov. 1, 1935</date><placeName>London,
<keywords scheme="MSPP index terms">
<term>Indian tour, 1935-1936</term>
<term>England, London</term>
<term>India, politicians</term>
<term>Nehru, Jawaharlal</term>
<term>Gandhi, Mohandas</term>
<term>Associates, India</term>
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<p>Nov. 1. </p>
<p>London, England</p>
<p>Janet Chance in the throes of an obcenity case on a book by Mr. Charles. I expect to
read it before I see her Thursday next. Went to see the Indian Revolutionary leader
at Mt Royal, Jawaharlal Nehru who has been released from prison on parole to see his
wife who is very ill in Germany. He is a quiet poised well mannered educated Indian
with latent power well under control. He described to us some of the rules
prohibiting him from outside contacts. He has already spent four years in prison. I
will hear more of him later on.</p>
<p>Luncheon with Mrs Lancaster, wife of a medical officer &amp; head of the Indian
womens groups in London a delightful cultured Englishwoman l’aisine officer between
English &amp; Indian women. Is outspoken &amp; sympathetic to the Indian Nationals.
Was also invited to be guest and speak with Mrs Pethick Laurence &amp; MS.</p>
<p> To mention Jawaharlal Nehru again as he keeps popping up in my mind I find his face
&amp; bearing very convincing. He has no resentment, no bitterness some caution
&amp; is rather circumspect but will follow Gandhis leadership along spiritual
lines. His eyes &amp; face lighted at the mention of Gandhis popularity. There is
rumored here the opinion that Gandhi is loosing in popularity, getting senile,
considered a “nuisance” by his friends Sir John McGaw seemed to imply.</p>
<p>From Indians this is not true — far from it. I was glad to have a few words in private
with J. N. I presented a letter which did not mean much to him seemingly — He has
given me the address of his sister in India whom I shall meet. He will return to
prison in January I hope I shall see his reception on his return.</p>

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