HTML Site Troubleshooting

As we work through problems that individual students have dealt with, I will keep a log of problems and solutions here for others to consult. If you know of other problems that you have solved on your own, please feel free to add them to this page.

Problem MAC or WIN Solution
I see a square box with my net id's "Personal Homepage. This page has been automatically created for netID." Both When you made your Files 2.0 directory public, this page was generated. To change this page, you will need to replace the index.html file in your public directory with a new one. If you are trying to access a different page on your site, type the name of that page at the end of the basic URL for your page (
Error 404 File not Found when accessing my homepage WIN, but would also hold true for MAC This means that the file is not in your public directory. Possible solutions— a) you mistyped or misspelled the file name (case counts, and it matters if you save your file as an .html or an .htm) b) You just uploaded a new version of the file, but the browser is accessing the old one because it is already in memory. Just press the "reload" button on your browser. c) The file really is not in the directory. Upload it.
Instead of seeing the HTML page working, I see what looks like the raw HTML codes MAC but probably happening with WIN as well. This seems to be a problem with the MAC Text Editor program, which doesn't save files as an HTML file properly. What it is doing is saving the student's work surrounded by more HTML encoding done automatically by Text Editor. Download an HTML editor for the MAC (we used KompoZer) and open the file. Be sure to use the "Source" tab to see your encoding. If you see a load of extraneous encoding all around your sample text. Either delete the extraneous code, or delete the whole thing and re-enter the basic text per the book. Upload the new version of the file (overwriting the old). It should work. I also found a site with some help on this problem if you want to use Text editor.
I have uploaded an index page and a stylesheet to the same folder (and I have linked them), but the CSS changes don't show up on my HTML page. WIN Anyone know how to fix this? You could try the refresh button on your browser; sometimes the computer will continue to show the old version of the page because it is still in its memory. This makes it load pages more quickly, but it doesn't recognize that it has been edited. E-mail me the two files and I'll look at them—Cathy
Images are not loading properly MAC or WIN There are three ways to link images, depending on where the image is. img src="cover.jpg" alt=”Cover shot” If the image is in the same directory as the page that is using it. img src=”/images/cover.jpg” alt=”Cover shot” If the image is in a different directory, in this case /images. img src=”” alt=”Cover shot”
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