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guides for local history research and writing (Bobst has most of these)

  • Local Businesses: Exploring their History by K. Austin Kerr, Amos J. Loveday, and Mansel G. Blackford, AASLH (1990).
  • Houses and Homes: Exploring their History by Barbara J. Howe, Dolores A. Fleming, Emory L. Kemp, and Ruth Ann Overbeck, AASLH (1987).
  • Local Schools: Exploring their History by Ronald E. Butchart, AASLH (1986).
  • Places of Worship: Exploring their History by James P. Wind, AASLH (1990).
  • Invisible Networks: Exploring the History of Local Utilities and Public Works by Ann Durkin Keating (1994)
  • American Farms: Exploring their History by R. Douglas Hurt (1996)
  • Unlocking City Hall: Exploring the History of Local Government and Politics by Michael W. Homel (2001)
  • Getting Around: Exploring Transportation History by H. Roger Grant (2003)
  • Joining In: Exploring the History of Voluntary Organizations by Karen J. Blair (2006)
  • ICON Newspapers Digitization links
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