Research Teamwork (15% of grade)

Ever wanted to be on a team like the History Detectives? Now is your chance. Students will divide into groups of three to five who will work collaboratively on a short description of Greenwich Village in a specific time period. Choose a time period based on your interests and the best time period for the web exhibit that you plan to create. You will have some class time to consult with each other (see LABS on Syllabus).

Late 20th Century (1950-1999) - Full

Early 20th Century (1900-1949) - Full

Late 19th Century (1850-1899) - Three

Early 19th Century (1800-1849) -Three

Late 18th Century (1750-1799)

Early 18th Century (1700-1750)

Before the 18th Century (< 1700)


A wiki page has been started for each of these chronological periods. Together, divide up responsibility for the following tasks:

  1. Create a bibliography of the most useful books, articles and web-based materials you found. Add a sentence or two about the usefulness of the source. Due Week 5
  2. Create a primary source bibliography that points the reader to web-based resources that can be used to further research. Look at resources like the census, historical newspapers, Google Books, genealogy sites, historical maps,and comment with tips on how to use these resources for the specific time period (or how they are not useful). Add descriptions of archival collections that pertain to the time period. Due Week 6
  3. Create short overview of the development of Greenwich Village in the years selected, highlighting important events, people, themes, and other topics. Due: Week 7
  4. When your overview is completed, add a Wordle visualization to the page using a mostly vertical layout. We will compare the visualizations for each of the fifty year periods to see if they vary dramatically. [] Embed the Wordle visualization on the wiki page by copying the HTML text at the bottom of the generated screen to the bottom of your group's wiki page. Due Week 7


You can divide your work in any number of ways:

  • By resource (someone works on newspapers, another on encyclopedias, or archival holdings, or web searches)
  • By theme (someone works on politics, another on arts, or architecture, on population)
  • By chronology (everyone takes a 10-or 15-year period)
  • By task (someone writes the overview, another does the bibliography search, or the primary source search).

You can add images to the page, but make certain that you have the right to do so.

Because you are creating a wiki page, everyone can edit and add to it without having to share files back and forth. The exclusive page lock will make sure that multiple people cannot edit the file at the same time.

Make sure that each time you edit the page, you describe the changes that you have made to the text in the box at the bottom.

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