Tagging Guide

As more and more items and exhibits are added to the site, we need ways for viewers to browse them and narrow the list in a fluid way. Tags will be used in several categories:

Chronological Tags

  • 17th Century
  • 18th Century
  • 19th Century
  • 20th Century
  • 21st Century

Village Geography

Our definition of Greenwich Village is as follows. South of 14th Street and north of Houston Street. Use "Greenwich Village" for the central area between 7th and Broadway, use "East Village" east of Broadway, and use "West Village," 7th Avenue and west.


  • Men
  • Women
  • Transgender
  • Teenagers
  • Children
  • Elderly
  • Immigrants
  • African-Americans
  • Asian-Americans

General Subjects

  • Agriculture and Gardens
  • Architecture and Monuments
  • Art and Photography
  • Biography
  • Buildings and Streets
  • Business and Industry
  • Charity and Philanthropy
  • Construction
  • Culture and Entertainment
  • Death
  • Disasters
  • Economy
  • Education
  • Family
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Geography and Maps
  • Holidays and Celebrations
  • Housing and Development
  • Immigration
  • Labor Movement
  • Law and Crime
  • Literature and Books
  • Medicine and Health
  • Military and War
  • Music
  • Newspapers and Journalism
  • Peace and Anti-War
  • People
  • Politics and Government
  • Protest
  • Race and Ethnicity
  • Religion
  • Science
  • Social Welfare
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Transportation

If your item does not fit into any of these categories, create a new one and add it to the list. These should remain broad categories of analysis, and not become too specific.

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