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I intend to have my digital archive focus on anarchists in Greenwich Village, with most of my items originating around the turn of the century. I plan to include images of the activists themselves, as well as venues at which they spoke, selections from their writings or letters, as well as representations of them in the media from the time. So far, many of my items are connected to Emma Goldman, who lived in the East Village, and many of her comrades, such as Alexander Berkman, Justus Schwab and Clara Lemlich.

Web Exhibit

  • My exhibit will follow the thread of my digital archive, focusing on the community of anarchists in the Village at the turn of the century. I'm going to explore how the members of Emma Goldman's circle practiced their politics in both their public and personal lives by using their beliefs to inform their relationships with each other, as well as community building in a broader sense. I believe the Village was a unique place for this kind of work, and that their location helped shape their community as much as their activism. This will involve researching their specific brand of anarchism, as well as the particularities of the village itself. I hope to use Emma Goldman's autobiography, Living My Life, as a narrative guide to shape the exhibit.
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