Scanning Practicum (5% of grade)

Working in partnership with the staff of Bobst's Digital Library Technology Service, students will receive training in preservation and access scanning and practice what they learn by scanning either a personal collection or a collection from the Margaret Sanger Papers.


  • Become familiar with archival-quality scanning equipment/digital cameras
  • Hands on practice scanning unique materials
  • Learn best practices of preservation scanning for archival materials
  • Learn how to generate an access copy for delivery over the Web
  • Learn the workflow for preservation scanning and publishing, using Archives Toolkit
  • Gain the skills needed to digitize contributions to the GVHDA

Practicum Details

All students will get an introduction to scanning for preservation and access during Week 3 (Sept. 17) of the semester. Between that time and class on Week 8 (Oct. 22), students must sign up for and complete 4 hours of scanning practice at the Imaging Lab. Students will be taught how to use the equipment at the Lab and can scan their own items or archival materials from the Margaret Sanger Papers.

  • Students will receive orientation during Week 2 class meeting.
  • Students can then sign up for scanner time by e-mailing dtls staff at
  • Work must be completed by Week 8 (Oct. 22).
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