Research Question: Torrey Acri

From Patricia Field’s current biography on

“Patricia began her career with the opening of her Greenwich Village boutique in 1966. For over 40 years this downtown institution has been an internationally known favorite of celebrities, in-the-know "scenesters" and the fashion-forward.
It has been a defining factor in the urban style of New York's glittery nightlife, and helped to launch the careers of many innovative young designers and stylists.”

This quote speaks to the importance of Field’s store, including its roll in fashion and influence on New York City. The store has also played an integral roll in her personal and professional life, as well as the lives of many others.

My exhibit will explore the relationship Field had with her business and how it acting as a launch pad for her career and fame. The exhibit will also explain a bit more about the woman herself and her influences. What was her original career motivation? Was her ambition always to create a “downtown institution?” How did she achieve this? Did she set out to become famous in fashion or was it a by-product of her own hard work and passion for design? And what about her craft, style and taste? How did those evolve? Why did she choose The Village to set up shop and make her home?

My research goals are to uncover more about Field as a “Village institution” and fashion icon and to create an archive that shares her life and contributions to fashion and the city. The goal of my web exhibit is to narrate and illustrate both her professional stories while highlighting her contributions to Village life and New York City.

My research methodology has been straightforward and pragmatic. The first case dream scenario—to interview Patricia Field personally, did not work out. But I have found many in depth interviews where she narrates her own life and career and personal beliefs. Next would be to explore additional primary and secondary sources in publishing, photographic and fashion archives. The Village Voice proved to have great nightlife focused collections. Video assets have also proven to important. Clips from Field's interviews, TV shows and movies will all add great value to the exhibit and bring her work to life. All of which will need releases. Finally, I have gathered secondary information from various printed and digital formats.

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