Class Participation (10%)

Its simple, really!

  • Come to class
  • Prepare discussion questions/points, engage with the readings
  • Talk in class
  • Rate classmates' blog posts
  • Comment on classmate's blogs

Posting to the Forum

Each student will prepare some discussion questions or provocation points for certain class sessions based on the readings or on other sources that you find. Each person will be responsible for two posts to the forum during the semester. If students wish to trade assigned sessions, they can do so among themselves, just update this page so that it is clear who is responsible for each week.

Students should also be prepared to discuss these topics in class. These posts should be completed by 9am of the day the class meets.

Week 2: What is Digital History/Digitization and Copyright (Sept. 15)
Torrey Acri, Burke Blackman, Samantha Houck

Week 3: Researching in the Digital Age/Constructing a Historical Question (Sept. 22)
Celeste Brewer, Andrea Kutsenkow, Paul Tran

Week 4: Historical Writing, the Web, and you (Sept. 29)
Pooja Desai, Samantha Houck

Week 11: Visualizations: Maps, Timelines, and more (Nov. 17)
Burke Blackman, Celeste Brewer, Paul Tran

Week 12: Social Media: Finding, Building, and Using Your Audience (Nov. 24)
Andrea Kutsenkow, Pooja Desai, Torrey Acri,

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