Omeka- Adding Collections

The Greenwich Village History Digital Archive uses "Collection" to represent the source of the item. This might mean an archival collection, a private individual, the records of an organization, a published work, or a museum or historical society. Every item in the digital archive should be part of a collection.

Before adding an item to the digital archive, first check to see whether the collection has already been added to the digital archive. Click on the collection tree to view the collections currently represented. If your collection is not listed, you may add a collection.

Metadata Field Descriptions
Collection Name Use the official title of the collection, as you found it in the finding aid, if a preserved collection. Do not include MSS numbers in the title, but do include dates if the collection title includes them. This is the name that will appear in the drop-down boxes when adding items.
Collection Description Summarize the collection here, including contact information and a URL link to the finding aid if it is on-line. Add information, if you know it, on copyright and permissions.
Collectors Click on your name to add yourself as a collector.
Parent Click on the dropdown list here to select a larger entity, an institution, archive, or grouping of collections.
Status There are two radio buttons here that will determine whether or not the collection is included in the public portion of the digital archive. If you have included public items from this collection, you should make the collection public. You can also feature the collection on the home page of the digital archive. Collections that are featured randomly appear on the home page of the archive.

If you are the Creator of the Item.

If you created the digital object (took a picture of a building or other three-dimensional object) then you should add your private collection as an Omeka collection. Create it under the parent collection "Student Collections." Be sure to include copyright information. Do you want others who might want to use the object contact you for permissions, or will you dedicate your rights for the object to the public?

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