Fall Semester 2012

Digital archive topic: The Uprising of the 20000 in 1909
Digital Exhibit topic: The Uprising of the 20000 in 1909
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The pages that you linked to were extremely interesting. I really liked the way that you pulled out a few specific people and unions to address, since this was such a complicated strike and involved so many different people. The organization of the exhibit was set up really well, so it is easy to follow the story of what happened and see how all of the different people were involved. It is also really interesting that you followed the people all the way until the end of their lives, it was really interesting to learn that Clara Lemlich lived such a long life even though she went through such difficult circumstances. You rely quite a bit on photographs of individuals for your items, which is interesting but perhaps there could have been a bit more variety in the type of images on each individual page. I think that this could be because of the way that you organized it, it encourages one type of item on each page, fortunately the content is engaging enough to make the similar images work in this context. Overall, I was really impressed by your exhibit, partially because it was something that I have not read very much about but was such an important time in New York, and partially because your telling of the story was very engaging and gave a lot of insight into all of the different forces and figures involved in the strike.

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