Maggie Schreiner

Digital Archive Topic: Metropolitan Council on Housing
Exhibit Topic: Housing Issues in the East Village

Collaborative writing:
1. First draft: Metropolitan Council on Housing
2. Enhancing edit 1: Homosexual Revolution Prior to Stonewall
3. Linking edit: Anne Charlotte Lynch Botta
4. Style edit: New York City Membership Libraries in the 19th Century
5. Fact check and final edit: Metropolitan Council on Housing

Map: Housing in Greenwich Village and the East Village

Digital Archive: My digital archive is on the Metropolitan Council on Housing, a tenant organization with a long history in the East Village. The photographs included in the Greenwich Village Digital Archive are drawn from Met Council's private photograph archive. These photographs depict Met Council rallies, key individuals, and events relevant to Greenwich Village. Items can be viewed here

Web Exhibit: Housing Struggles in the East Village: 1970-1990

Exhibit Customization Plan: I am planning to use the Basic theme for my exhibition, which comes with no configuration options. I am hoping to change the background color and add a footer text. I am also hoping to embed a map, using Hester's instructions.

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