Sinead Macleod: Research Question

I plan to investigate documents related to public funerals held in Greenwich Village during the A.I.D.S. crisis. I'm looking for ways in which public displays of mourning created a spaces for community building. A.I.D.S. activists mobilized fear and anger by placing the body in the public sphere, metaphorically pressing the constraints of political speech.

ACTUP created literature that consolidated and translated information about the material reality of A.I.D.S., establishing a dialogue necessarily based on the body and bodily experience being brought into the public and political sphere.

I am interested in the role of Greenwich Village as "epicenter" to the crisis. I want to explore how the crisis was experienced by the community and the way this was symbolized in the media. ACTUP conducted scientific research and documented itself, operating against, within and alongside dominant frameworks of knowledge and action.

I plan to conduct research in the ABC no Rio Zine Library, and several collections in The Downtown Archive at NYU's Fales Library.

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