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Pastmapper (1930s)

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Web Exhibit
NYC Punk: The History of Punk Rock in the Village: [ ]

Three pages for peer review

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Page 2 - Max's Kansas City []
Page 3 - the Ramones []

Peer review: Lynda, I think you have done a great job with the textual information on each of these pages. As someone who knows nothing about punk, I think I learned about both the bands and the historical scene here in the City. I also liked that you utilized sound/ video files, this is important for an exhibit about music! I do understand that copyright on this type of material can be very restrictive. I was expecting to see more visual information, whether posters, stickers, pictures, etc. Even to see what the closed venues look like today would be interesting. I realize this is still a work in progress, and I hope you are able to incorporate more visual items in the final product to accompany your good history. ~Christina

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