Katie Barnard
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    1. Fire! At the Church of Saint Luke in the Fields
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  • Timeline
    • My 15 timeline entries focus on events surrounding my archive and exhibit topic, the Church of St. Luke in the Fields, located at 481 Hudson Street in Greenwich Village. I chose to focus on such events because the research I had to conduct will help me better structure the content of my online exhibit. As I add more photographs to my archive, I will insert hyperlinks to the archive in the appropriate timeline entries.
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    • Exhibit Topic: "The Church of St. Luke in the Fields: A Witness to History, An Advocate for the Community." From assisting the dockworkers of the early 20th century, to providing a place of refuge for HIV/AIDS victims in the 1980s, St. Luke in the Fields has not only been a spectator to the rich history of Greenwich Village, but it has also been an advocate for the marginalized. Therefore, my online exhibit will interpret the history of The Church of St. Luke in the Fields through the lens of its assistance and support to its community, Greenwich Village.
    • Customizing the online exhibit
      • First, I have adjusted the colors and fonts of the Basic CSS to more accurately reflect the branding of the website of the Church of St. Luke in the Fields. Hopefully, this minor change will more effectively align the two online spaces. Second, I plan to embed an interactive Timeline from BeeDocs. While the Greenwich Village timeline is impressive, the extensive content does not lend itself to my project. Additionally, I plan to hyperlink away from my exhibit, in new windows. Because of the nature of my topic, I feel that it's important to be as transparent as possible with the history I interpret.
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