Using HTML Tables in an Omeka Exhibit

If none of the layouts provided by Omeka work for what you are planning, you can create your own layout using HTML tables. The code <tr> refers to table rows, while <td> refers to data columns. For a quick tutorial on creating tables, click here.

The URLs have been replaced with dummies, you will need to insert links to your own items and images. This creates a table with 2 rows, that place images side by side.

<table border="0">
<td><img src="" alt="description of item" width="300" height="153" /></td>
<td><img src="" alt="description of item2" width="300" height="153" /></td>
<td><img src="" alt="description of item 3" width="300" height="573" /></td>
<td><img src="" alt="description of item 4" width="300" height="573" /></td>

For an example see the advertisements at the bottom of:

Contributed by Dennis Riley.

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