HTML/CSS Tutorial (10% of grade)

As a means to practice what you are learning from the Teach Yourself manual. Create a website on your NYU webspace that demonstrates at least one of the topics covered in the readings each week. Also use the HTML and CSS you are learning to alter your Omeka pages as needed.

I am building a page with troubleshooting tips.

Sept. 30-Week 4: Chapters 5-6: Working with Texts and Working with Fonts

Oct. 7-Week 5: Chapters 7-8: Using Tables and Using External and Internal Links

Oct. 14-Week 6: Chapters 9-10: Working with Colors and Creating Images for Use on the Web

Oct. 21-Week 7: Chapters 11-12: Using Images in Your Website and Using Multimedia in your Website

Oct. 28-Week 8: Chapters 13-14: Working with Frames and Working with Margins, Padding, Alignment and Placing

Nov. 4-Week 9:Chapters 15-16: Understanding CSS Box Models and Using CSS to do More with Lists

Nov. 11-Week 10: Chapters 17-18: Using CSS to Design Navigation and Using Mouse Functions to Modify Test Display

Nov. 18-Week 11: Chapters 19-20: Creating Fixed or Liquid Layouts and Creating Print-Friendly Web Pages

Dec. 2-Week 12: Chapters 21-22: Understanding Dynamic Web Sites and Working with Web-Based Forms

Dec. 9-Week 13:Chapters 23-24: Organizing and Managing a Web Site and Helping People Find your Web Pages.

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