FTP Walkthrough

To Upload Your Edited Theme to the Omeka Installation

You will need to have installed FTP software compatible with your operating system.

Open the FTP program and use the Site Manager to create a new site.

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Site Name: Omeka Themes

Host/IP: aphdigital.org

User: gro.latigidhpa|tneduts-hdc#gro.latigidhpa|tneduts-hdc

Password: cdh2011

Port: 21

Connection: FTP

Connect to the aphdigital.org server.

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You should see two columns with directory structures.

The left column should represent the Local computer—your laptop or desktop. You can navigate to the directory where you saved your customized Omeka theme by clicking on the "up directory" icon to get to the directory where you stored your edited themes

The column on the right represents the aphdigital.org server or the Remote. You should see a listing of folders, some are from last year's class, others are the installed themes in the GVH archive. By placing your folder in this directory, you will be able to access your theme through the Omeka interface.

Copy your new directory to the GVH Themes Directory

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Make certain that you have renamed the directory, adding your netID to the end of the theme name. For example, if I editing the deco theme, my folder name would be deco-cm18. This will ensure that no one overwrites anyone else's work or alters the base theme.

Highlight the director on the local directory (your laptop) and drag it to the bottom of the /GVH/themes directory. You should see the folder appear in the /themes directory. If you do not see it, you might have accidentally placed it inside one of the other folders. Try again.


Do not edit, erase, copy over, or otherwise tamper with any of the other themes!

Make sure that you retain a copy of your latest theme on your laptop or desktop computer, in case something happens to your theme. I have backed up all the themes used in the previous year.

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