Exhibit Review (5% of grade)

One of the best ways to get a good sense of what an Omeka exhibit can do is to carefully analyze the exhibits that have been made in the past. Post a short review of an Omeka-based web exhibit, either found on the GVH site or on the links in the Omeka website on the class wiki.

Include your interpretation of the following:

  • The organization of the exhibit—figure out how the creator used the sections and pages to organize the exhibit and whether you think that the decisions were well made. Did you think that the page layout was well done?
  • The theme and design of the exhibit. Was it easy to navigate and did it convey a good sense of the historical period?
  • How the use of digital items in the exhibit conveyed a good sense of the history being explained.
  • How interesting and well written the exhibit content was?

Shoot for around 500 words. Reviews should be set up as a page on the course wiki and should include screen shots if needed. When you have decided on an exhibit to review, add the name of the exhibit and your name to the exhibit review page. If an exhibit is already being reviewed or has been reviewed already do not select it.

In general, select exhibits that you like. It is easy to knock something, but more useful to look at something you think is well done and articulate how they did it and what makes it successful. This also provides you an opportunity to develop a reviewing style that is constructive and professional.

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