Using Digital Notetaking Systems (15%)

Evernote is a set of software tools for taking and organizing notes and resources. It is available in a free version for both Windows or Mac, and offers additional features for a paid subscription. It is flexible and allows you to synchronize work between your computers, tablets, smart phones, and other mobile devices.

We are going to use it for note taking, research organization, and drafting content for blog posts and your web exhibit.

  1. Create an account (free) at
  2. Download Evernote for your computer and other devices.
  3. Create a public notebook for your Greenwich Village topic and post the link on your student page. (Week 3)
  4. Use Evernote to gather information for your research for blog posts, metadata, and your web exhibit.
    1. Create a To Do List to keep track of tasks and things you want to look for
    2. Use Evernote's Web Clipper to capture blogs, webpages, and other content.
    3. Include digital photographs or video you take from your phone or camera
    4. Add PDFs of secondary source articles
    5. Use Evernote to gather research sources and take notes for your work.
    6. Use Evernote to start writing blog posts, item descriptions, and web exhibit text.
  5. Use Evernote's tags and other systems to organize your research
  6. Use Evernote to create first drafts of your blog and exhibit text
  7. Discuss the process of digital notetaking in class (Week 6) and in a blog post (Week 12). Try to make this more than a review of Evernote, talk about how digital notetaking helped, hindered, and changed the way that you did research on the project.
  8. Notebook due Week 14.

Talk to me by Week 6 if you want to use a different software program.

Grading Criteria

Notes (66%)

Have you used EverNote to take research notes for your project, have your explored taking notes of varying formats and types (clipping articles from the web, creating to do lists, free form notes, documents, images, PDF articles? Have you used it to draft portions of your exhibit and blog posts? Have you used it to track things to be done? You should have a substantial amount of research recorded in the notebook, so that you can properly evaluate the usefulness of the system.

Reflection (33%)

Have you posted a blog post of 500 words or more on using EverNote, what you liked about it, what you learned about organizing information using it, its drawbacks and strengths. Were you prepared to discuss your use of it in class?

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