Embed a Google Map in Omeka Exhibit Page

To embed a Google Map in your Omeka exhibit, follow these instructions:

1.) Create a map using maps.google.com and save it. Set the sharing on the map to "public."

2.) Open the options tab next to the sharing button to reveal more options. Select the "Embed" option which will provide you with some HTML code.

If you want to control the size of the map, change the dimensions within the HTML code.

3.) Copy the HTML code.

4.) Go to Omeka, and edit the page that you want to have your map. Use the layout for Text Field and open the HTML editing window.

5.) Paste the HTML code.

6.) Save everything. Your map should appear on your page now!

Check it out at: http://gvh.aphdigital.org/exhibits/show/elementairesample/mapsntime/google

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