Eugenia Hughes Digital Archive

My Digital Archive is a collection of material from the Eugenia Hughes Collection at the New York Public Library. It consists of 31 items including photographs, original artwork, duplications of artwork and one handwritten sheet of notes. The majority of the archive is of Hughes' drawings. Most of the work is from the years 1934-1941, with photographs from 1929 and undated material that from research, is assumed to fall into the described years.

Eugenia Hughes was an artist, who moved to Greenwich Village to live with her father, permanently, in 1936-7. Previous to moving from her hometown of Dormont, Pennsylvania, Eugenia spent extended time visiting her father in New York City.

The archive focuses on the visual aspects of the Hughes' collection. Although Hughes wrote often in her diary and in her correspondence, her drawings and sketches are equally as representative of her daily life.

Eugenia Hughes Collection Digital Archive

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