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Father Demo's photographs, from the Archives of the Center for Migration Studies.

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The Masses - Prominent magazine offering radical perspectives on politics, art, and culture from 1911-1917. It was based at 91 Greenwich Avenue.

Questions, Oct. 22, 2013 (Group 3)
Cohen and Rosenzweig note that many conventions in book design (size, fonts, margins) that we take for granted were codified over years. Are we beginning to witness similar codifications for web design, and what are the implications for historians operating in a digital environment?

Cohen and Rosenzweig contrast the "usability" and "aesthete" schools of web design, highlighting web design's development from commercial and artistic perspectives. Should academics prioritize either perspective when creating websites? Do academic goals call for any design attributes that neither the usability or aesthetic perspectives can address?

Marsh expresses astonishment that the generation of "digital natives" in her classes often express a lack of interest in digital humanities. What might account for this?


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