Collaborative Assignments

Check here for your collaborative essay assignments. Look down the column for each week's assignment for your name, and then look to the far left to see the essay you should edit and follow the link.

Make sure to add a short description of the changes you make in the edit screen and add comments to your essay about how it has been edited.

Names have been chosen randomly.

Initial Essay Enhance Edit Add Links Writing Style Fact Check
Barnard Wilson Wilson Schimke Barnard
Feighery Lawler Barnard Findling Feighery
Findling Goodwin Lawler Schreiner Findling
Gelfand Trembly Trembly Ohayon Gelfand
Goodwin Barnard Findling Wolford Goodwin
Langlinais Ohayon Feighery Liao Langlinais
Lawler Wolford Langlinais Trembly Lawler
Liao Schimke Gelfand Montgomery Liao
Montgomery Schreiner Ohayon Feighery Montgomery
Ohayon Liao Schimke Goodwin Ohayon
Schimke Montgomery Wolford Barnard Schimke
Schreiner Langlinais Montgomery Wilson Schreiner
Trembly Findling Goodwin Gelfand Trembly
Wilson Gelfand Liao Langlinais Wilson
Wolford Feighery Schreiner Lawler Wolford
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