Week 4: Writing, the Web, You

Historical Questions

Writing on the Web

Different kinds of Web-based writing

Tactics for Writing on the Web

Is the book dead? Did the Web kill it?

In other words, historians and other humanists have abandoned the rigour of traditional scholarship. Provenance, edition, transcription, editorial practise, readership, authorship, reception – the things academics have traditionally queried in relation to books, are left unexplored in relation to the online text which now forms the basis of most published history.-Christopher Hitchcox

Your Web Presence

  • Who do you find when you Google your own name?
  • One stop shop for your content, regardless of where you work or go to school.
  • Use blogging plugins to link profiles with your social media (automatic posts to twitter, linkedin, facebook, etc.)

Researching Greenwich Village History Blog

Testing Your Writing

Promotion Example

Social Media Tools

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