Charlie Steiner

I’m working on an MA at Gallatin. My project is “Journalism as the First Draft of History” as related to my own work in magazine and television photojournalism. While working as a photojournalist in the Philippines in the 1980′s I became interested in the history of Manifest Destiny and American expansionism, and that is one of the subjects I'm studying at NYU, as background for an eventual documentary.

My interest in Greenwich Village history dates to the early 1960′s when I often visited the village from my home in suburban New Jersey. I often visited while in college in the late 60′s, to hear music in clubs and theaters, and in the early 70′s I moved to New York, living first on Waverly Place for nine months and then moved to the East Village and stayed for 23 years, as it went through a transformation from wino and weirdo to NYU undergrads posing as hipsters. I witnessed and photographed throughout the village over those years. Now I'm interested in learning about the earlier years of bohemianism (i.e. before falafel).

My Greenwich Village research project will be on political and cultural radicals in the village.

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