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Digital Archive

For this course I wish to create a digital archive of materials that relate to the Subject of the Artist School, a school established in 1949 in Greenwich Village by artists Robert Motherwell, Barnett Newman, William Baziotes, David Hare and Mark Rothko. The school failed financially after only one year, but the space was acquired by professors of New York University who continued the salon sessions in 1950 under a new name, Studio 35.

My research is in its beginning stages, but I have found several scholarly articles using Worldcat and at least book, Artists’ Sessions at Studio 35 (1950), all of which contain rich bibliographies that will lead to me to other sources, including primary sources. Additionally, on the Archives of American Art’s website, I discovered a few transcribed interviews with artists who reflect on the school’s mission. At least one of these interviews is in the public domain and readily available to use in my archive. These interviews will be incredibly valuable resources for my project because while paper documents about the planned lecture series speak to the school’s initial plans, the interviews will tell viewers of my exhibitions who actually attended those meetings and what actually went on during the organized talks. Similarly, these artists’ Estates may have notes, photographs and artwork that reveal further details about this short-lived, experimental venture.

Web Exhibit

This semester, for the Greenwich Village History Digital Archive, I would like to contribute an online exhibition that examines the Subject of the Artist School founded by Robert Motherwell, Barnett Newman, William Baziotes, David Hare and Mark Rothko at 35 East Eighth Street in Greenwich Village in 1949. These artists, who were all either associated with Abstract Expressionism or Surrealism, organized a series of lectures in order to convey the idea there was meaning in abstract art. It was this lecture series that endured after the school failed financially just a year after it opened its doors. Organized by professors from New York University, the series continued once the space became known as Studio 35.

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