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Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney
Italian Bakeries and Italian Americans in the South Village

Digital Archive: Sailors' Snug Harbor

Pastmapper 1940's with Christina Bell

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W. 9th Street in 1940: A Changing America

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Web Exhibit

Before the Arch: Prior Life of Washington Square Park.
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Your web exhibit on Sailors' Snug Harbor is visually attractive and offers a great deal of interesting historical information. I like your color choices and layout, which provide a nice contrast to the black & white photos, but do not detract from them. The sections on the Washington Square area architecture and stores gives the images a lot of historical context that a general viewer would enjoy and find useful. I especially like the section on the glass plate negatives. You included some that were blurred, and explain the process involved in making them. This was great. Lots of historical and technical information that contextualize the entire exhibit in a readable way. I don't know if you could locate some images of shoppers from the ladies' mile, but that would be my only suggestion. It would have been fun to see photos or illustrations of some of them. I love how you close the exhibit with a 2012 color photo.


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