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Here is the text of a letter from Jane Addams to Theodore Roosevelt. For the images of the original, see

<p>Aug. 24t 1914<lb/>Baymeath, Bar Harbor, Maine</p>
      <p>My dear Mr Roosevelt</p>
      <p>Your letter of Aug. 16t came this morning with the English telegram enclosed. Mrs. Fawcett
        is a well known Englishwoman of cultivation and social distinction at the head of the Union
        of the Woman's <pb n="2"/>suffrage societies, which have consistently opposed the militant
        tactics of Mrs. Pankhurst's association. I can think of no one whose commendation would be
        more significant. I am sending the telegram with some comments to Miss Kellor at the
        Manhattan Hotel that she <pb n="3"/>may give it directly to the Associated Press. I am also
        sending it to the "Woman's Journal."</p>
      <p>I have promised to write six articles on the social economic planks from the point of view
        of my own experience with poorer people. They are I believe to be distributed through the
        Central Press to some of <pb n="4"/> the opposing papers as well as to the Progressive ones.
        I hope very much that they may be of use. I am sure I need not tell you how glad I am to be
        of service in this splendid new movement and how much I wish you success.</p>
      <p>Very sincerely yours, Jane Addams</>

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